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I treat your skin, not a generic skin type...

Most estheticians treat skin types — dry, oily, combination skin — without taking into consideration the complexities of the integumentary system which can inhibit the skin's ability to function properly.

I understand the complexity of the skin as an organ of detoxification and specialize in assessing the underlying cause of all skin issues which is why I conduct a detailed skin evaluation to assess your skin’s health and condition. After your initial appointment with me, you will understand your particular skin conditions, such as hydration level, oil production, the thickness of your skin and what your skin needs to be the healthiest it can be. 

I only use non-toxic skincare products that have ingredients that work with your body to feed your skin nutrients instead of products containing parabens and petrochemicals that irritate and inhibit the function of the skin.


My objective is to assess your

skin and how it functions so I can create customized skin-specific treatments and a home care 

regime to support your skin.


An in-depth 60-minute skin assessment is required for
1st-time clients to determine your skin’s health and condition. All facials are customized skin 
specific treatments.


I only use non-toxic skin care products that contain ingredients that facilitate your skin’s health and function.


Lisa Langstone is a holistic integrative esthetician who is certified in oncology esthetics as well as being certified as a holistic skincare specialist and a medical aesthetics provider.

She has been practicing skin rejuvenation since 2008 and was trained and mentored by a seasoned integrative esthetician for three years where she acquired extensive knowledge about the skin as an organ of detoxification. 

Lisa has a very different approach to rejuvenate and maintain your skin.

All of my facials are individually customized that integrate reiki during massage for a deeply relaxing experience. My treatments and recommended home care regime work to repair, strengthen and restore your skin using non-toxic products.


• Acne/Congested Skin

• Compromised Skin

• Fine Lines & Wrinkles

• Sensitive Skin

• Uneven Pigmentation

Isn't it time to really take care of your skin? 

After all... you are going to be wearing it for the rest of your life!

• Dehydration

• Sun Damage

• Rosacea

There lies within our skin

Complex endless systems of

Viscous cellular exchanges and

Fluid rhythmic rivers  


An integrated  

Functioning structure 

Of wisdom  


Innate by nature

That releases and repairs 

Sustains and maintains

Provides protection and

tactile reception


You reside within the skin

But it shows it’s beauty
For all to see an entire lifetime


Be attentive to it’s revealing

It calls for you to take resolve


- Lisa Langstone -

GLISTEN SKIN · LISA LANGSTONE Licensed Esthetician · Certified in Oncology Esthetics

619.322.3012  ·  Eagles Nest Office Building  ·  4420 Hotel Circle Court, Ste 265  ·  San Diego, California 92108


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